Decarbonization for School Buildings

Reducing Carbon Emissions to Create Healthier, More Sustainable Learning Environments

Why Decarbonization Matters for Schools

Decarbonization is the process of preventing or reducing carbon gasses from being released into the atmosphere, often as the result of burning fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gases. For schools, a smaller carbon footprint can have a profound impact on building function, student learning, community well-being and more. With so many competing needs and unique challenges, it can be hard to know where to start.

That’s where Trane can help. We partner with you to understand the most pressing needs at your school and meet you where you are on your decarbonization journey. Whether it’s a new construction or retrofitting your existing building, we’ll create customized, low-carbon solutions to solve today’s challenges and meet tomorrow’s goals.

energy efficiency diagram

Decarbonization is the foundation for student success, healthier communities and energy-efficient school buildings. Here’s how:

  • Reduce energy intensity and maximize cost savings.

  • Invest taxpayer dollars responsibly.

  • Avoid unnecessary maintenance costs.

  • Create healthier learning environments.

  • Make classrooms more productive.

  • Position your school as an energy leader in your district.

  • Support a more sustainable community.

  • Promote a cleaner planet.

How to Decarbonize Your School Building

Our approach to decarbonization has four pillars: Efficiency, Electrification, Refrigerant Management and Renewable Energy. This allows us to solve a wide range of building and energy challenges with custom solutions for your school. Explore our decarbonization pillars below.

Energy Efficiency

Ensure system-level performance with updates for managing, monitoring, storing and producing your energy.


Upgrade low-carbon HVAC, lighting, boilers, furnaces and more with full or hybrid electrified equipment backed by automation.

Refrigeration Management

Remote refrigeration solutions help you regulate temperatures while transitioning away from high-GWP, or Global Warming Potential, options.

Renewable Energy

The production and use of emissions-free electricity sources, like solar and wind, can help offset your energy costs and carbon footprint.

Financing and Energy Services Contracting

We base our financial services in our local and community connections. This is how Trane’s virtual purchase power agreements maximize your investment and help you decarbonize responsibly.

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