Stimulus Funding For Campus Health Improvements

About The Funds

The Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) program is providing $61 billion in emergency assistance to higher learning institutions across the country. The funding is distributed by the U.S. Department of Education directly to the institutions to be used for student and campus objectives.

HEERF Program Details

HEERF II funds allow learning institutions to address HVAC and facility improvements in response to health mitigation practices. Institutions can also address deferred maintenance issues where a COVID risk reduction can be justified.

Funding Rules

  • Institutions generally must expend their grant funds within one year from the date when the ED processed the most recent obligation of funds for each specific grant (including funds from prior rounds).

  • Institutions must draw down any amount of their grant funds within 90 days of the date of each award.

  • Quarterly mandated reporting requirements.


Improve Your Campus Buildings

Request an indoor air quality assessment.

A Closer Look: How Can Institutions Use Funds?

When you partner with Trane, you receive support and data-driven recommendations from indoor building quality experts, engineers and technicians.

We will work with you to understand your goals, facility needs and budget, and provide personalized, holistic solutions to improve the wellbeing of your campus.

Turn Your Campus Building Improvements Into Hands-On Educational Opportunities

Trane is a proud national energy sponsor of the nonprofit National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3), a network of educational institutions, business partners and industry leaders. Through NC3, we work with institutions to support, advance and validate new and emerging technology skills.

These resources allow you to turn your facility improvements into hands-on training opportunities for students, equipping them with the training, skills and certifications they need for technical careers in the HVAC industry.

Maximize Savings with Group Purchasing Through OMNIA Partners

Save money, vet business partners and simplify the buying process when you take advantage of Trane’s contract through OMNIA Partners. These resources provide a transparent process while simplifying documentation and expediting procurement.