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Cooling fit for the future: Examining the challenges that come with future-proofing our facilities

In this eBook we explore current cooling trends, the challenges posed by our increasing demand for data – not to mention rising global temperatures - rounding off with some speculation as to how owners and operators can keep their servers cool, without warming the planet.
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ESG Investors Want to Buy Data Centers New HVAC and Other Equipment


Chiller Plant Design to Beat the Heat

A discussion of how chiller selection, chiller plant design, and maintenance affect performance in extreme heat conditions.

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Ford Motor Company

Customer Story

Ford's Sustainable Data Center: 540,288 kWh Energy Reduction & $35,000 Operating Cost Savings
Ford Motor Company's Dearborn campus achieved remarkable energy savings of 540,288 kWh and reduced CO2 emissions by over 330 metric tons through a cutting-edge, sustainable chiller plant implementation. Learn about Trane's high-efficiency CenTraVac® centrifugal chillers, low GWP refrigerants, and reliable solutions for a mission-critical data center
Cyxtera Communications

Customer Story

Cyxtera Data Center: Energy-Efficient Cooling and Cost Savings
Upgrades to Cyxtera's chiller plant and pumping system controls led to a decrease in energy consumption of 0.7 kW/ton, resulting in over $2,100,000 in annual energy cost savings
ARRIS Group, Inc.

Customer Story

ARRIS Group, Inc.


HVAC Systems Can Transform How Data Centers Are Developed, Designed and Operated
Unlock the hidden power of your data center's HVAC system with Trane. Discover how our expertise can enhance growth, boost profitability, and revolutionize sustainability by maximizing energy efficiency, leveraging renewable sources, and implementing cutting-edge cooling technologies. Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity for your data center
Bearded IT Technician in Glasses with a Laptop Computer and Black Male Engineer Colleague are Talking in Data Center while Working Next to Server Racks. Running Diagnostics or Doing Maintenance Work.


Go with the Flow: Is it Time Yet for Liquid Cooling?
Is liquid cooling the future for data centers? Tech giants like Meta, Google, NVIDIA, Intel, and Equinix are already adopting this innovative technology, but find out why air-cooled systems still have their place in the data center industry.