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Connected Mechanical Service

The same OEM technician experts with improved insights and solutions for you

Supplement your traditional Trane mechanical service agreements with digital equipment inspections that leverage continuous data collection and our digital analytics to identify unfavorable operating trends and diagnostics that can erode equipment performance in increased operating costs.

  • Arm your OEM Technician with 24/7 inspection insights about equipment operation
  • OEM-based remote support & troubleshooting
  • Improved asset management & equipment performance reporting
  • Increased transparency around your Service Relationship with Trane

Upgrade what your traditional, on-site Service Agreement delivers.

A Connected Mechanical Service Agreement leverages cloud-based equipment analytics to provide a digital equipment inspection as well as equipment performance trends to support the Mechanical Technician in conducting a remote equipment inspection.




Add virtual touchpoints.

Increase equipment oversight by adding remote inspections between scheduled technician visits—or anytime you think you might need it. Analyzing the data we receive from your equipment can be even better than being there. Trane’s decades of experience shape the proprietary analytics that detect what even the most skilled technicians may not see or hear.


Your trusted Trane technician: Now with digital superpowers.

Connecting your HVAC equipment is an easy first step toward a bigger digital transformation, literally putting more tools & insights in your technician’s toolbox. Your same OEM Technician stays with your service agreement providing flexible on-site and remote inspections as well as the ability to check in at anytime to provide remote support.



What you'll get from a Connected Mechanical Service Agreement:


Upgrade with Trane Intelligent Services

Access enhanced building performance data to inform improvements and proactive decision making.

Explore Additional Options with Trane Digital Services

From a single chiller looking to save energy cost to a large corporation looking to meet ESG goals, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Get Connected Mechanical Service Updates

Take advantage of Trane data and analytics capabilities to remotely monitor your system

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