ESG Investors Want to Buy You New HVAC (and other equipment)

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Data center cooling technology has evolved incredibly over the past several decades. In this webinar we’ll examine that evolutionary path, where it led us and where it goes from here. We’ll uncover why adopting these new technologies can attract ESG investments to help alleviate the cost of going green. We’ll also dive into how these new systems and designs play a major role amid current supply chain restraints. Join Trane’s Decarbonization lead, Trevor Joelson and Senior Associate of Brookfield Asset Management, Jennifer Li, as they cover—

  • Major design trends
  • How to attract ESG funds
  • The future of data center cooling
  • Achieving decarbonization &
  • The criticality of servicing equipment in the current supply chain environment

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Meet the Speaker


Trevor Joelson, Decarbonization Program Lead – Key Accounts, Trane Commercial HVAC, Trane Technologies, is a program lead for Trane’s decarbonization program for key account customers. Through this program, Trevor collaborates with larger enterprises to define their environmental sustainability objectives and establish initiatives and programs to reduce operational emissions through financially attractive and measurable projects.

Trevor joined Trane through an acquisition of Fellon-McCord in 2016 and has held various roles in corporate energy & sustainability management over the last decade. His subject matter expertise is in the energy markets and how the supply-side of energy connects to the built environment. Trevor is a graduate of the University of Louisville.