Thermal Battery™ Cooling and Heating

Thermal Battery™ Cooling and Heating

Thermal Battery™ Cooling and Heating

All-electric comprehensive Chiller / Heater system

•    Delivers cooling and heating
•    CALMAC® energy storage
•    Air-to-water heat pump chiller
•    Water-cooled chillers (packaged and modular)
•    Tracer® building automation
•    Optional DOAS, electric boiler and/or low-grade heat (e.g. solar thermal, effluent, processes)

  • Meet sustainability goals

    Reduce or eliminating fossil fuels and avoid wasting substantial amounts of water

  • Gain efficiency and more

    Meet new regulations/incentives for electrification

  • Lower Cost of Ownership

    Use low cost energy year-round. Downsize heat pumps and chillers.

Decarbonize and Transform to All-Electric

Tap into the energy the building already has

Thermal energy storage captures and stores energy collected from the sun shining on the curtain wall the previous day, as well as energy already purchased for lighting, appliances and cooling.

Optimize for carbon, efficiency or energy costs

Flexibility to store energy for later use optimizes carbon, efficiency and energy cost savings in response to grid and building conditions. 

Optimize cost savings

Thermal energy storage enables the use of low cost energy year-round, in response to grid and building conditions. Design day, peak load and system-based design allow for downsizing air-to-water heat pumps and chillers.




New Decarbonization/Electrification of HVAC Systems Self-Paced Learning Course

Maximize benefits by season

This system’s “heat pump” capability allows you to optimize utility costs and energy use by season. Trane controls automate modes based on our engineered algorithms, providing you the maximum benefit any time of year.

Like “free cooling”? You’ll love “free heating”

By balancing cooling and heating loads, not simultaneously in real time, but from one day to the next, the system eliminates the need to throw away excess energy.

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