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Ascend® Air-to-Water Heat Pump

Air to Water Heat Pump Chiller


Ascend® Air-to-Water Heat Pump

Enabled by Symbio® 800 wireless connectivity
  • Capacity Range: 140 to 230 tons cooling; 1500 to 2500 MBh heating
  • Refrigerant: Low GWP R-454B
  • Heating fluid temperatures up to 140F 
  • Heating operation down to 0F ambient
  • ASHRAE 90.1-2019 compliant
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A perfect fit to meet your sustainability and efficiency targets

Advance to a Carbon Free Future

Advance to a Carbon Free Future

Reduce your building’s carbon emissions. The built-in heat pump advances building electrification by eliminating gas-fired boilers—and shifting HVAC system energy use to utility grids increasingly powered by renewable energy resources. Ascend ACX uses Trane technology that is active and effective in markets with strict climate regulations.

How heat pumps work

Inherently more efficient

Heat pumps use electricity to move energy up to a higher temperature to cool or heat the space. Because they move heat rather than generate heat, they can be three-times* more energy efficient than other forms of electric heating. In cooling mode, they move heat inside the building to outside. In heating mode, a reversing valve changes the flow of energy and moves outside energy (even if its cold outside) to inside the building.

Gain Reliable Year-Round Comfort

Gain Reliable Year-Round Comfort

Enabled by our Symbio® 800 controller, advanced Adaptive Control™ performance algorithms optimize performance. Post-installation, Symbio 800 can connect with our energy analysis and 24/7 monitoring services to assure Trane heat pumps are continuously optimized for efficiency and uptime.

Electrify to Decarbonize

Ready to design an HVAC system for building electrification?

Get the tools and resources you need for system success

Comprehensive Chiller-Heater System

At Trane, we collaborate with you to turn systems expertise into reliable, cost-effective, and efficient systems. Decarbonization through efficiency and electrification can be achieved when system controls and equipment work together— turning environmental stewardship into business advantages.

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