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This is the login for Trane® Connect™ and other Trane® commercial applications. Trane® Connect™ is our secure, cloud-based customer portal to access your building systems to remotely monitor and manage building systems, and conduct routine maintenance.

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Symbio® 700 Controller

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Symbio® 700 Controller

The Symbio 700 Controller is Trane's digitally enabled equipment controller for rooftop units and split systems, including Odyssey™, Precedent®, Voyager® 3, Axiom® Rooftop Water Source Heat Pumps. This line of equipment controllers enables innovative and scalable building automation through advanced HVAC equipment control, analysis, monitoring, operation, and servicing

  • Easy installation, start-up and commissioning through the Symbio Service and Installation App - no special tools required. 
  • The onboard display clearly describes system alarms and resolutions, no flash codes.
  • Service and troubleshoot equipment from your mobile device. 
  • Remotely monitor alarms, trends, and event logs. 
  • Communications via open standard protocols (BACnet, Modbus, Lontalk), through wired, wireless, and IP. 
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Why Symbio 700?

HVAC systems use about 35% of a building’s energy on average according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Symbio 700 controllers, with Trane’s professional, adaptable performance programming, help to maximize equipment energy efficiency. It’s all part of Trane’s mission to bring more buildings up to speed with today’s higher sustainability standards.

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    Easy integration with existing systems and upgradable software for proactive cybersecurity, ongoing enhancements and building optimization.

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    Optimize productivity by giving customers access to remotely monitor & control the equipment so you can troubleshoot more efficiently.

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    The mobile app makes servicing the unit easier than ever. Complete setpoint changes and a range of troubleshooting tasks from your device.

Download the Symbio Service and Installation App

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Designed for field technician and contractor use, Trane’s Symbio Service and Installation App makes setup and servicing easier than ever. The app provides guidance via smartphone for ease of installation and startup that works anywhere using Bluetooth. It enables contractors to complete setpoint changes and a range of service and troubleshooting tasks, and provides owners the option to gain remote access to the equipment and its data through a secure portal.  

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Trane Symbio 700 equipment controller pairs with the Symbio mobile application using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). By pairing with the Symbio 700 controller, technicians can use the Symbio mobile application to edit operating setpoints, adjust other parameters and settings, and perform a range of service and troubleshooting tasks while standing at the unit. 

Onboard Display

In addition to the Symbio Service and Installation App, the unit can also be configured via the onboard user interface. The Symbio onboard display is an embedded Backlit LCD display complete with navigational buttons. The interface allows the user to view status, configure, and troubleshoot the unit without additional tools. The embedded menu structure is complete with alarms, status, service, settings, and utilities that use real language  - no flash codes to interpret. 

Looking for Symbio 700 Firmware Downloads?

Download the Symbio 700 Controller Firmware for Packaged Units & Split Systems

Contractor Support Center

Customer goals evolve. Technologies change. In our world, there’s always something new. Trane strives to provide contractors all they need in order to be successful on the job. Use these resources below to stay in the know and on top of your game.

Symbio 700 On-Demand Training

Trane offers a wealth of educational opportunities and resources for engineers, designers, contractors, technicians, engineering students and professors. This course covers new product information with an emphasis on Symbio 700 controllers used with new Precedent units.

Watch the Training Now

Light Commercial Help Center

Trane is dedicated to helping contractors be more effective at installing and servicing Trane light commercial control systems for small and medium-sized buildings. Access technical support and a range of resources for any Trane light commercial products.

Visit the LCU Help Center

Symbio 700 Service and Installation App How-To Videos

Symbio® 700 Controller and Service & Installation App How-To Videos are now available on YouTube. Symbio 700 unit controllers now ship standard on many systems going forward - stay up to date on best installation and service practices.

Watch Symbio 700 How-to Videos Now

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