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Energy Services for K-12 Schools

Aging, unreliable and costly infrastructure. Budget roadblocks. Uncertainties around sustainability. For all of these building demands, you’ll want more than generic solutions. You need a partner that can listen, understand your goals and give advice on your school’s unique circumstances.

Trane enables consultative, data-backed guidance for your specific building and energy challenges. Through a combination of technology, data and recommendations—provided by our building and energy experts—you’ll have a roadmap forward that benefits your facilities, spending and students. 





Why Energy Services?

A custom energy services approach can help your school perform in the present and plan for the future. It can account for your most critical needs with custom, right-sized improvements:

  • Address infrastructure challenges and deferred maintenance via system replacements and renewals
  • Reduce energy costs using energy conservation and optimization solutions
  • Meet sustainability goals through building decarbonization solutions to lower carbon emissions 


  • Enhance energy resilience with on- or off-site distributed energy resources, including renewables 
  • Optimize your budget via custom funding options



Four Steps to Better Building and Energy Outcomes

To account for every energy-related aspect of your school building, your consultation with Trane occurs in four steps:

1. Gather Data

Your school’s unique needs, building, equipment, regulations and incentives all offer valuable data that Trane helps define.

2. Talk Goals

Your aspirations, motivations and constraints are unpacked through expert questions. We listen carefully to not only what improvements you want, but why you want them.

3. Suggest Improvements

Your data and inputs inform recommendations for custom services, solutions and offerings that make the most of your building and finances.

4. Achieve Goals

We deliver your selections and validate the results, helping you achieve your goals now and in the future.



Energy Services, Solutions and Offerings

Rather than put money towards building “fixes” that will only get more expensive, you can invest in energy-efficient upgrades that benefit your systems and infrastructure, carbon footprint and finances. Best of all, as both your school’s needs and goals change, they evolve with you. 


HVAC Services
Optimize your building with system replacements and infrastructure improvements—backed by connected data, remote support and more—and ensure learning environments are comfortable and high-performing. 


Lower your carbon emission by shifting to dependable electric equipment and renewable energy options, all while improving your energy efficiency and distribution. Whether you need to be a net-zero carbon school, or just want to take steps towards doing better, we can help you understand and perfect your decarbonization journey. 


To make the most of your school’s finite budget, Trane offers funding solutions that can bridge the gap between your core goals and the efficiency of your building. 


Working with our group purchasing organization, Omnia® Partner, to save money, vet business partners and simplify buying processes

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Ask a Trane Expert: Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and the Future of Education




Energy Services 101 & 201 Series 

Energy Services 101

Trane delivers data-driven energy strategies that are specific to each building and customer. See how several school leaders worked with Trane to achieve their energy goals—and gained long-term financial benefits in the process.

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Energy Services 201

Trane experts discuss the renewable energy transition, and how schools can lower carbon emissions to become better environmental stewards. Read about some intriguing innovations (including ice heating!) and how we’re supporting STEM.

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Enhance Your Energy With Trane

You can create a pathway to a school that is more reliable, comfortable and high-performing with a consultative Trane partnership. Start focusing on your exact energy and operational needs—and the just-right services, solutions and offerings that can help—today. 



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