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This is the login for Trane® Connect™ and other Trane® commercial applications. Trane® Connect™ is our secure, cloud-based customer portal to access your building systems to remotely monitor and manage building systems, and conduct routine maintenance.

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Extended Warranty

Enhanced protection and peace of mind for ongoing equipment costs.

Plan for the unexpected with our selection of Extended Factory Warranties

All Trane equipment comes with a one-year Standard Parts Warranty, but we also offer a number of extended warranty options to help you manage ongoing maintenance costs and to provide additional peace of mind.

Extended warranties are available for purchase before the ship date of applicable equipment and in durations from two months to 25 years, depending on the types of equipment involved. We can help you decide on coverage and length of extended warranty based on your specific needs.

Delayed Start-Up

When start-up of new equipment will be delayed beyond six months after shipment, the delayed start-up warranty will postpone the start date of the first-year parts warranty.


When parts fail, the cost of labor to make the repair can far outweigh the cost of the part itself. Labor warranties cover work by an authorized technician  to install the covered replacement parts, allowing you to control your maintenance budget, giving you comprehensive coverage for both the parts and labor.

Material & Parts 

Material & parts warranties include whole unit or compressor only. These warranties begin at the expiration of the standard one-year parts warranty. 

  • The whole unit parts warranty provides replacement protection for any covered part found to be defective in material or manufacture. 
  • The compressor warranty covers the compressor assembly of a Trane unit or a part in the motor/compressor assembly of a Trane centrifugal chiller and provides replacement of the compressor or part if it is found to be defective.

Refrigerant Warranty

Should a warranted part be the cause of a failure and result in refrigerant loss, our Refrigerant Warranty provide for replacement refrigerant to restore the unit to the proper charge.

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