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GET Models

Axiom™ Vertical Stack Water Source Heat Pump


GET Models

Axiom™ Vertical Stack Water Source Heat Pump

0.75 - 3 Tons

Key Features:

  • Multiple capacities and cabinet sizes to choose from
  • ECM fan motor option for greater efficiency
  • Multiple air supply choices for flexibility
  • Installation- and service-friendly features
  • Commissioned, tested and certified when shipped

Perfect for high-rise buildings with multiple tenants

Many floors and many tenants but a similar need: energy efficient, easy-to-install and reliable heating and cooling. Trane's Axiom™ Vertical Stack water source heat pump is made to order. The floor-mounted units are designed to be “furred-in” behind drywall to blend with décor. Ideal for dormitories, hotels, apartments and assisted living facilities. Vertical Stack GET models can provide optimal occupant comfort with long-lasting durability.

  • Available in both PSC and ECM motor configurations
  • Six unit capacities and three cabinet sizes for installation flexibility
  • Easy-to-use intelligent controls    

More efficiency, quieter operation with optional ECM fan motor

Swap out the PSC motor for an optional ECM fan motor and increase the unit’s energy efficiency by 16% – in addition to providing constant CFM and quieter operation. The “fan only” mode reduces airflow to 80%. Extra quiet design includes enhanced and deluxe sound options.


Flexibility to meet different airflow requirements

Because units are furred-in directly behind the wall of the tenant space, ductwork is optional. But you still have choices with Vertical Stack GET:

  • Optional ducted or non-ducted designs
  • Choice of supply air openings
  • Lower height cabinet for ducted applications

Designed for faster installation

Trane designed Vertical Stack GET for faster mechanical installation and individual tenant metering. In multi-story buildings, units may be stacked from floor to floor to minimize piping and electrical costs. Trane helps make installation faster with:

Speed up installation time with:

  • Factory-supplied riser piping
  • Two factory-mounted water flow control options with strainer and isolation valve
  • Quick-connect thermostats or zone sensors

Easy to maintain

Maintenance is important for any HVAC system, and Trane makes it easier on the Vertical Stack unit with:

  • Easy access for filter maintenance or chassis access
  • Removable/replaceable chassis
  • Maintenance accessibility for coil/fin cleaning
  • Easily accessible front high- and low-pressure service ports
  • Tamper-proof hinged acoustic door option
  • Corrosion resistant chassis drain pan
  • Unit-mounted switch and fuse option

Trane quality you can count on

Because it’s a Trane product it also comes with peace of mind. All Vertical Stack water source heat pumps are commissioned and tested before they leave the factory, so all that’s left is the installation and start-up.

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Rental Solutions

Our approach to temporary HVAC and power goes beyond the typical drop-off. We design, deliver, install and even monitor safe and efficient rental solutions. Short term, long term, chiller, generator, or portable AC unit, we have the fleet and people where and when you need them.

HVAC System Repair

Our local, certified technicians get your system back up and running, fast

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