Axiom™ Horizontal and Vertical Water Source Heat Pumps

Axiom™ Horizontal and Vertical Water Source Heat Pumps

Axiom™ Horizontal and Vertical Water Source Heat Pumps

Standard Efficiency, High Efficiency & Variable Speed Models

Key Features:

  • Outstanding energy efficiency
  • Superior comfort
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Better sustainability
  • Choose from standard, high-efficiency and variable speed models

You can have it all, with a Trane Axiom™ water source heat pumps.

It may sound too good to be true but believe it: Trane Axiom™ water source heat pump systems offer premier cost-saving energy efficiency – up to 40 EER, depending on the model selected. Along with precise space heating and cooling for optimal comfort, reduced maintenance requirements, and better durability for low life-cycle costs. And if that’s not enough, there’s improved enterprise sustainability and perhaps even a federal tax credit. Choose from three levels of efficiency.

And...there's more...

Introducing the newly redesigned Vertical Water Source Heat Pumps

Redesigned for Ultra-high efficiency / Quiet operation / Easy service access 

Ideal for small space applications

High Efficiency Model EXHV or DXHV

0.5 - 6 tons Single-Stage Compressor (EXHV)

2 - 6 tons Two-Stage Compressor (DXHV)

With superior efficiency, integrated controls, flexible sound attenuation options and easy maintenance accessibility, the Axiom™ High Efficiency water source heat pump is the ideal comfort solution. Whether horizontal or vertical, the unit is easy to service, meets indoor air quality standards and provides excellent noise reduction. Best of all, high-efficiency units achieve 15% better overall efficiency compared to standard models, in line with ANSI/AHRI/ASHRAE/ISO 13256-1 performance and ASHRAE 90.1 standards. Other features include:

  • Single-stage rotary or scroll compressor (EXHV)
  • Two-stage scroll compressor (DXHV)
  • Higher efficiency at part load (DXHV)
  • IAQ drain pan
  • ECM motor
  • Deluxe sound option for acoustically sensitive applications
  • Meet LEED EAc4 requirement
  • Factory-installed and commissioned controls

Variable Speed Model VSHV

2 - 5 tons

Designed to meet the most stringent efficiency demands, the Axiom™ Variable Speed model is Trane's most advanced water source comfort solution. Its eFlex™ variable speed compressors and ECM motor fans vary compressor and fan motor operation for more energy efficiency, reduced sound levels, improved reliability and superior indoor comfort. Translation: industry-leading part load efficiency and up to 40% reduction in power consumption. Other features include:

  • Single- and three-phase voltage
  • ECM fan motor for variable airflow
  • Extended operating range for geothermal applications
  • Exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 efficiency requirements by up to 50%
  • Variable speed rotary or scroll compressor and drive for more capacity control
  • Factory-installed and commissioned controls for stand-alone operation or via building automation system

Standard Efficiency Model GEHV

0.5 - 15 Ton (horizontal)

0.5 - 25 Ton (vertical)

Superior design makes Axiom™ Standard Efficiency H-V one of the quietest and most efficient water source heat pumps available. It also affords broad installation flexibility and many additional features:

  • GEH (0.5 - 5 tons) supports six airflow configurations
  • Airflow configurations can be field converted (horizontal only) or factory-specified
  • GEH (6 - 15 tons) has four airflow combinations for variety of installation options
  • Units 1 ton and up meet LEED EAc4
  • Dual sloped drain pan for improved indoor air quality
  • Factory-installed and commissioned controls
  • Units 5 tons and below: PSC motor (horizontal), ECM (vertical), single stage compressor, double isolated refrigeration assembly
  • Units 6 tons and larger: belt drive motor, dual compressor and circuit design for multi-stage heating and cooling

Let Trane help you find the most efficient solution

When it comes to energy efficiency – from conventional or alternative energy sources – Trane is unmatched. Our water source heat pump product line is fully compatible with geothermal technology to help you maximize efficiency and sustainability while minimizing operating costs of the system. And Trane experts can help design, engineer, install and maintain a system uniquely tailored to meet your exacting needs.

Backed by exceptional quality, reliability and service

The outstanding quality of Trane products is a reflection of the commitment we have to customers, a commitment that lasts the lifetime of the product. Reliable comfort, durable quality, long-term value. From Trane.

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