Mixed Air Unit

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Mixed Air Unit

The Trane ® Mixed Air Unit is an outside air unit that offers fresh air for improved indoor air quality and energy efficiency for your budget. 

  • The unit delivers up to 100% fresh air into your building and meets the ventilation requirements specified in ASHRAE ® 62.1.
  • The unit meets minimum EER and IEER efficiency standards, which means it’s good for your budget and good for our planet.

For more stringent outside air management controls, see Trane Horizon™ Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

Fresh Air, Efficiently.

Why use a Trane Mixed Air Unit?
Brings in up to 100% fresh air. Gives you confidence in a healthier building

Adequate dehumidification at full load conditions.

Provides a more comfortable environment

Double-walled insulation with an insulated base pan.

Reduced chance of damage and less disruption of day-to-day activities

ASHRAE 90.1 compliance.

Saves money long-term through energy efficiency

Powered by Trane.

Gives you peace of mind

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