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Minimod™ / Model TACW

Thermafit™ Magnetic Bearing Modular Chiller

Minimod™ / Model TACW

Minimod™ / Model TACW

Thermafit™ Magnetic Bearing Modular Chiller

Small footprint. Big performance.

  • 60-135T/unit (1000T Bank),  Expandable up to 10 modules
  • Provides cooling only
  • Available with R-134a refrigerant with options for low GWP R-513A
  • Full load efficiency exceeds ASHRAE® 90.1 for cooling
  • Available with knockdown construction
  • Cleanable shell and tube heat-exchanger
  • Zero oil-related maintenance
  • Isolation valves on all serviceable parts
  • Dedicated compressors for each refrigerant circuit avoid systems shut down 
  • Smallest modular footprint with cleanable shell and tube heat exchanger
  • Driven by an ultra-quiet oil free compressor
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Why Choose Thermafit Modular Units

Easily meet space requirements

Due to its small size, the TACW installs in very small spaces and facilitates convenient curbside delivery. Fully assembled, it passes through a standard 36-inch doorways and rides on passenger elevators. Components can be taken apart fully or partially for rigging into places like cramped equipment rooms. 



Drive down emissions while reducing utility costs

This unit may be small but it doesn't skimp on performance.  Drive down emissions while reducing utility costs using low GWP refrigerants and high efficiency compressors with variable speed drives.  Full load efficiency exceeds ASHRAE® 90.1 standards. 


Driven by an ultra quiet oil free compressor TACW produces 75 DB of sound at 10 feet (about the same as a TV at normal volume). Moving mechanical parts never touch the housing or frame to create noise.

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