Thermafit™ Modular Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

Model AXM

Thermafit™ Modular Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

Thermafit™ Modular Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

Model AXM

  • Each module produces 30 tons cooling, 390 MBh heating. (300T bank) Expandable up to 10 modules
  • Provides all electric heating and cooling
  • Available with 410A
  • Meets ASHRAE® 90.1 for cooling
  • Vapor injection provides reliable heating for colder climates
  • ECM fans with variable speed fan/motor assemblies run quietly and reduce energy use  
  • Modular flexibility provides true redundancy and design ease
  • Dual refrigeration circuits with efficient vapor injection scroll compressors
  • Compact size loads onto freight elevators and fits into limited outdoor spaces


Electrify to decarbonize

All-electric heating and cooling supports compliance with policies and incentives to decarbonize buildings. Heat pumps move heat rather than generate it, making them up to three times more energy efficient than other forms of electric heating.


Reliable cold weather comfort

Vapor injection technology extends the effective operating range of the scroll compressor to provide reliable comfort in colder climates. It enables leaving water temperatures of approximately 130°F at 0°F outdoor ambient temperature.

Modular flexibility

Easily expand to the capacity you need. Install where space is limited. Air-source units move easily on freight elevators and fit into tight outdoor spaces, such as urban rooftops. Smaller refrigerant circuits enable tighter temperature control, too. 

Ready to design an HVAC system for building electrification?

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Comprehensive Chiller-Heater System

At Trane, we collaborate with you to turn systems expertise into reliable, cost-effective, and efficient systems. Decarbonization through efficiency and electrification can be achieved when system controls and equipment work together— turning environmental stewardship into business advantages.

For consistent, reliable comfort and energy efficiency over time, count on Trane’s systems experts and call our local service technicians.
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Installation Operation Maintenance (IOMs)


Start your building decarbonization strategy here

Trane will address decarbonization challenges with you, combining our equipment, controls and services to achieve the goals you set. Improve energy efficiency. Switch to electric HVAC. Priroritize refrigerant use. Support the transition to carbon free energy. 

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