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What Is Trane Wellsphere?

Wellsphere from Trane is a holistic approach to improving indoor environmental quality (IEQ). As a collective platform informed by world-class experts, supported by cutting-edge technologies and enabled by individualized services, Wellsphere addresses the critical factors impacting your indoor environment to improve building viability and support the well-being of those inside.

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What is Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)?

Indoor environmental quality, or IEQ, accounts for everything that affects how people experience a space. Air is a major component of it, but other factors such as temperature, lighting and acoustics have a profound impact on user well-being and productivity. That’s why Trane approaches indoor environmental quality in commercial buildings holistically, through Wellsphere™. Our expertise and personalized services and solutions help you achieve a healthier space for your occupants and protect your building investment for years to come.

Factors of IEQ

Trane Wellsphere’s expert specialists can introduce you to greater, more integrated opportunities for your building through addressing the four main factors of IEQ: indoor air quality, thermal comfort, lighting and acoustics.

Indoor Air Quality

People expect more from their work space than ever before. From a business perspective, there’s plenty of reason to care, too: data has shown that an increase in airflow can improve  worker productivity by up to 6.5%.1

Trane Wellsphere's approach helps facility managers and building owners address airborne health risks in their building environments and achieve more comfortable, cleaner air. Starting with an IAQ Assessment of your space, Trane Wellsphere can help you understand the state of your current space, implement customized solutions, get ongoing indoor air quality monitoring through a single interface and help you share results with the most important stakeholders: the people inside your building.

Thermal Comfort

Thermal comfort is key to creating an energy-efficient and stimulating indoor environment. In fact, research shows that heating and cooling levels can impact employee productivity by up to 10%.2 The Wellsphere process provides the insights to insure and maintain temperature satisfaction. With integrated system controls, everyday comfort management lives with whomever you want it to  —  enterprise managers, building managers and even individual tenants.


Well-designed lighting architecture can foster more positive, constructive workspaces. In fact, data shows that human-centric lighting systems can increase productivity by 18% and improve work accuracy by 12%.3 Trane Wellsphere’s integrated lighting solutions feature cutting-edge cost-optimal innovation, including time-sensored triggers that lets you control when and where you consume light, germicidal UV technology to reduce harmful airborne and surface microbes, and so much more. Click through to explore our full IEQ lighting portfolio.


Acoustics have strong ties to comfort, concentration and sound privacy. Contrary to what you could expect, though, less noise is not always better, and more noise is not always bad. It’s been shown that moderate ambient noise levels can enhance creative performance, while too low or too high levels can diminish it.4

With Trane Wellsphere, all ambient noise from HVACs, chillers and more become a manageable part of finding the right balance of sounds. For new buildings, you can get started with a design-phase sound check.


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Why Is IEQ Important?

IEQ is important because the conditions in your building directly impact the health, comfort and productivity of those inside. Moving forward, protecting occupant wellness will remain a vital part of a building's value proposition. This can't be achieved with a single technology or solution, though. Instead, it requires a holistic, expert-backed approach.

Important IEQ Facts

 • Students and employees spend 93% of their time indoors.5
• People spend over 30% of their time in commercial buildings.

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What Are the Benefits of IEQ?

Enhancing your IEQ can protect the well-being of your occupants and improve the long-term viability of your building and business. Here's how:

• Maximizes building resale value.
• Limits owner liability.
• Stimulates performance and engagement.6
• Attracts new customers and more buying.7

How To Improve Indoor Environmental Quality with Trane Wellsphere

Trane delivers personalized solutions for your unique IEQ challenges using our proven three-step process, through Wellsphere™. From initial building assessment and coaching, to implementation and management services, your dedicated Trane expert is there to guide you at every turn with the insights and support you need to maintain a healthy, viable space long-term.

  • Step 1: Assess

    Step 1: Assess

    Trane Wellsphere’s fact-based and comprehensive IEQ analysis identifies and readies your space for the best ways to improve indoor environmental quality. It offers a straightforward report of conditions and improvement recommendations.

  • Step 2: Mitigate

    Step 2: Mitigate

    After your needs are identified, the right-sized solutions are sourced, installed and validated in partnership with our engineers.

  • Step 3: Manage

    Step 3: Manage

    Following installation, we can continue to optimize your IEQ through ongoing monitoring, integrated controls, periodic service and more.

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