A smarter way to improve your indoor environmental quality

Wellsphere™ addresses the four elements of indoor environmental quality (IEQ).


Receive a customized solution for your building’s unique needs from a dedicated Trane expert following a proven three-step process.

  • Step 1: Assess

    Start with an assessment to receive recommendations for an improved indoor experience.

  • Step 2: Mitigate

    Apply the right solutions tailored to meet your building’s needs.

  • Step 3: Manage

    Access data and insights to manage your building and build trust for the people inside.

People expect more from their indoor environments than ever before. Partner with Trane to implement IEQ improvements for the future of your building and the people inside.

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American Rescue Plan funds for a holistic approach to building wellness
Building wellness isn’t just about limiting the spread of COVID-19. For parents & educators, it’s about addressing indoor environmental quality (IEQ) to create healthier learning spaces. Wellsphere brings a more human and holistic approach to improving IEQ. Scott Huffmaster explains what you need to consider.


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