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Nashville Trane

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601 Grassmere Park Drive
Suite 10
Nashville, Tennessee 37211
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Our People

The power of our people, products and experience fuels the growth of new technologies and services to create significant value for our customers. For more than 100 years, Trane has been utilizing innovative approaches to make buildings all over the world perform better.

Our Knowledge

Turning building systems into business advantages requires extensive knowledge of HVAC applications, system design and controls—Trane system and application knowledge is second to none. Trane is one of only a few in the industry that engineers nearly all HVAC system components—equipment, unit and system controls and applications—to sustain a high performing building for life. And our industry involvement allows us to extend that knowledge to advocate for improved sustainability practices and reduced energy use worldwide.

Our Promise

“A relationship built on trust that can stand the test of time.” It’s a simple promise, but a powerful one. By committing ourselves to the best interests of the customers we serve, Trane builds the trust that’s necessary for enduring relationships— which is why we provide HVAC solutions for the life of a building and the people in it. A life that has unique needs. A life that changes over time.

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Meet our Leaders in Tennessee & Mississippi

  • Brian Durr

    Area General Manager - Middle & East TN

  • Scott Parsons

    Area General Manager - West TN & MS

  • Mike Karl

    Systems Sales Manager - Middle & East TN

  • Joel Winstead

    Service Sales Manager - Middle & East TN

  • Eric Simon

    Contracting Operations Manager

  • Jeff Horvath

    Service Operations Leader

  • Stan Read

    General Sales Manager - Jackson

  • Alvaro Hernandez

    Comprehensive Solutions Leader

  • Krista Gagnet

    Regional Marketing Manager

What our customers are saying about Trane...

Crosstown Concourse

Trane helped the developer realize more than $250,000 in capital first cost savings, plus reduced life cycle costs of well over $1.3 million over next 20 years.

Our goal was to get the chiller down to 10% capacity; we watched it get down to 5%. We were able to buy fewer chillers with more tonnage. It was more efficient, less costly, and we now have open space for storage or rent..

Dan Chancey Senior Vice President, Commercial Advisors