Building Automation Systems for Large Buildings & Campuses

Intelligent, flexible solutions to design and manage smarter

Managing large buildings or multiple campuses comes with an array of challenges.
With Trane, you can seamlessly control them from a single integrated platform.

How Do Building Automation Systems Work?

Building automation systems (BAS) empower how you, your team and your approved building occupants remotely monitor and manage facilities from your devices. While there are universal benefits—like increased control, efficiency and savings—there are also specific, large-scale advantages worth examining.


Large Building BAS

No matter how big your buildings are or get, a BAS allows you to effectively scale to meet their needs and assimilate new components into your existing ecosystem.

  • Fulfill evolving sustainability and regulatory demands

  • Create spaces that encourage higher worker productivity and well-being

  • Be primed for business growth even as your systems get more complex

Campus BAS

Regardless of which building occupants find themselves in, multi-facility schools and healthcare practices need to keep them comfortable and safe in the most streamlined and seamless manner possible.

  • Manage control settings and alarms for all types of environments—from dining halls to waiting rooms 

  • Seamlessly adjust to ever-changing occupancy numbers 

  • Give new life to old facilities without hindrances to day-to-day operations

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BMS Customer Stories


Customer Story

Trane Upgrades Cut Arnprior Regional Health Utility Costs by 20+ percent, Optimize IEQ
Trane and Arnprior Regional Health partner to improve indoor environmental quality for hospital occupants in the second phase of a multi-phase program. Read how this award-winning project resulted in improved lighting, indoor air quality, and thermal comfort, as well as system reliability, energy efficiency, data analytics, and more.

Customer Story

Arnprior Regional Health Mission-Critical Upgrades Improve Environment, Save CA$75,000+
Arnprior Regional Health partners with Trane to improve infrastructure system reliability, lower maitenence costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the first phase of a multi-phase program. The team used energy savings performance contracting and high efficiency boilers to meet their goals - all while keeping critical operations running.

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Building Automation Hardware


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