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Trane Presenters at ASHRAE 2023 Winter Meetings

Discover which experts from Trane will be presenting and what topics they will cover at the upcoming ASHRAE Winter Conference

As always, the upcoming ASHRAE® Winter Conference includes a full slate of technical seminars covering a wide range of topics that are likely of interest to you. These sessions are intended to educate on the latest industry trends, explain results of recently-completed industry research, and share best practices from fellow industry professionals. And in many cases, you can earn Professional Development Hours (PDHs) to help meet the continuing education requirements of your professional engineer license or other certification.

Whether you are attending the conference in person or participating virtually online, following is the list of Trane associates who will be presenting at the upcoming ASHRAE Winter Conference. For more information on these presentations or the rest of the technical programs, including dates and times, visit



Presentation Title

Trane Presenter

Seminar 10

Review of Past Refrigerant Compromises that Could Lead to Future Opportunities

Stephen Kujak

Seminar 15

The Development of Thermal Energy Storage Systems

Bruce Lindsay

Seminar 15

The Future of Thermal Energy Storage in a Transactive Energy Grid

Mark MacCracken

 Seminar 18 

Plants Are Not People: Introduction to Controlled Environment Agriculture

 Eric Sturm

Seminar 41

Thermal Energy Storage Update

Mike Filler

Seminar 51

Advanced Energy Design Guidance for Zero Energy and Carbon Multifamily Buildings: Bringing the Pieces Together with HVAC

Carol Marriott

Seminar 60

Electrification vs. Decarbonization: When Does Electrification of Heat Not Decrease Emissions? - Part 1

Dan Gentry

Seminar 60

Electrification vs. Decarbonization: When Does Electrification of Heat Not Decrease Emissions? - Part 2

Emma Van Fossen

Seminar 68

Best Practices of the Mentor-Mentee Relationship: How to Become a Mentor

Elizabeth Jedrlinic

Paper Session 7

Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Safety Considerations and Implications for Air Conditioning System Design

Stephen Kujak

Paper Session 7

Impacts of Retrofitting Lower GWP Refrigerants for Aftermarket Applications

Michael Petersen

In addition, if you are planning to attend the concurrent AHR® Expo, check out the following presentations by Trane associates. For more information on the AHR Expo, visit



Presentation Title

Trane Presenter(s)

AHR Expo Education Session 3

Examination of Low GWP Refrigerants for Large Capacity Water-to-Water Heaters for Use to Decarbonize Heating

Stephen Kujak

New Product & Technology Presentation

Electric Heating and Cooling with Trane’s New Ascend® Air-to-Water Heat Pump

Brian Fiegen
Jackie Sopko


What’s in it for Me? A Closer Look at Inflation Reduction Act Incentives

Mike Filler


Trane at AHR® Expo



About the author
John Murphy, Applications Engineer

John has been with Trane since 1993. His primary responsibility as an applications engineer is to aid system design engineers and Trane sales personnel in the proper design and application of HVAC systems. His primary areas of expertise include energy efficiency, dehumidification, air-to-air energy recovery, psychrometry, ventilation, dedicated outdoor-air systems, VAV systems, and ASHRAE Standards 62.1 and 90.1. He is the author of numerous Trane application manuals and Engineers Newsletters and is a frequent presenter on Trane’s Engineers Newsletter Live program series.

John is ASHRAE Fellow and past chair of that society’s “Mechanical Dehumidifiers” technical committee. He has authored many articles for the ASHRAE Journal and was a featured presenter on ASHRAE’s international webcast, “Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems.”