Active Monitoring

Keep your critical systems up and running


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Trane experts will monitor, detect and resolve issues 24/7

When uptime is critical, turn to Trane experts for help. Our round-the-clock Active Monitoring can identify and resolve many issues before they become critical. Most of all, you get the peace of mind knowing Trane experts are on point to keep your critical systems up and running all day, every day.

We’re experts at detecting and resolving building system issues

Your employees have other things to do – let us handle the building systems. Trane professionals are on the job 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With Active Monitoring we’ll respond to every system alarm, initiate action to address the issue and ensure your building systems operate at peak efficiency.

Often before they become major issues

We can often proactively detect and diagnose problems and repair issues remotely – before they become serious – so your staff spends less time trying to detect and fix problems. And when on-site service is required, our technicians show up with the parts and equipment they need to fix the issue on the first call, so you’re back up and running as quickly as possible.

We follow your playbook

Trane professionals will work with you to develop the guidelines and rules of engagement for responding to issues in your building. These include space comfort temperature ranges, building energy use, overrides, equipment performance or other variables. You set the parameters and guidelines and we respond – automatically – so you can stay focused on what’s important for your business.

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