Horizon® Thrive™


Horizon® Thrive™

Packaged rooftop unit, specifically engineered for indoor agricultural applications.

Trane Horizon Thrive is a packaged rooftop unit designed specifically to meet the precise dehumidification and temperature requirements for indoor agriculture.

Explore the Trane Horizon Thrive Features

When you install a Trane Horizon Thrive rooftop unit, you reserve valuable floor space for growing. But the features don’t stop there, because Trane never wants you to miss a chance to grow.

Helps You Optimize Your Grow Room Conditions. Simultaneously Controlled Temperature and Humidity
Gives You More Floor Space to Grow Crops. Rooftop Installation 
Meeting Your Needs. Tonnage Range: 3-80
Air Flow to Help Grow. CFM Range: 500-17,170
Clean and Clear. UV Lights and Multiple Filtration Options
Dialed In Humidity. Dehumidification of up to 600 lbs. of Water per Hour

Provides Energy Efficiency for Lower Lifecycle Costs.

Modulated Hot Gas Reheat

ECM- and VFD-controlled Direct Drive Fans

Variable-Capacity Compressors

Gives You Better Control Over Your Entire Operation.

Integration with Trane Controls

Third-party Integrations

Means Support is Just a Phone Call Away, Wherever You Are. Local Service from a National Organization



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