IntelliPak™ Signature Series

20 to 110 Tons


IntelliPak™ Signature Series

20 to 110 Tons

Key Features:

  • Water-cooled units from 20 - 110 tons
  • Reliable, efficient and quieter operation with Trane compressor technology
  • Designed to deliver low first cost and lower installed costs
  • Fully integrated, factory-installed digital controls
  • Easy to service with factory-installed and tested options    

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Engineered for efficiency and durability for today’s construction needs

Trane Intellipak® Signature Series self-contained systems are engineered to satisfy today’s trend toward larger floor plates and increased building loads – yet still deliver superior energy efficiency and quiet operation. Up to 17% more efficient than competitor equipment, Signature series units use compressors with Trane 3-D® Scroll technology, which creates a completely enclosed three-dimensional compression chamber for increased efficiency and quieter operation. Other features include:

  • Internally trapped drain for low cost installation
  • Swing-out VFD panel with TR200 for efficient VAV operation
  • Unit-mounted microprocessor control with human interface panel
  • Two-bolt connection on cleanable condenser for quick, easy maintenance
  • Waterside valve package option to enhance system efficiency
  • Compact cabinet to minimize mechanical room requirements
  • Low leaving air temp capability to reduce fan motor energy, improve acoustical performance, and minimize duct sizes
  • Factory-installed and tested microprocessor controller

Lower installed costs plus economical operation add up to great value

Signature Series units reduce installed costs with single-point power and single-point water connections, factory-commissioned and tested controls – to reduce installation costs – and factory-installed options.  Building owners can further economize with operational strategies such as:

  • Free cooling with waterside or air-side economizer
  • Energy savings with floor-by-floor system, since only units on that floor need to operate
  • Simple heating alternatives such as perimeter radiation and fan-powered VAV 

Integrated digital controls with human interface help ensure comfort, flexibility

All Signature Series units include integrated digital controls with a unit-mounted human interface panel. Panel has a two-line by 40 character clear language display (in English, Spanish or French) and a 16-function keypad that includes custom, diagnostic and service test mode menu keys. Options and accessories include:

  • Trane LCI-I Communication Interface Module: ICS interface control module
  • BACnet® Communications Interface Module
  • BAS interface
  • Air-Fi® Wireless Communications Interface
  • Programmable sensors
  • ICS zone sensors used with Tracer® system for zone control

Enhanced serviceability by design

Factory-installed and tested options on Signature Series units reduces field labor and installation risk, while improving reliability. Trane makes service easier with:

  • Self-supporting removable panels
  • Quick-access service panel fasteners
  • Refrigerant line sight glasses in view during operation
  • Unit-mounted interface panel for easier setpoint and operating parameter adjustment 

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