Trane® Horizon® DOAS

Trane® Horizon® DOAS

Trane® Horizon® DOAS

Higher Indoor Air Quality. Improved Occupant Comfort.

Trane® Horizon® Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems are designed specifically to:

  • Condition up to 100% of outdoor air year-round
  • Reduce latent loads
  • Enhance the entire building system’s comfort and energy efficiency
  • Maintain your building’s indoor air quality.

Horizon® Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

  • Our units are backed with industry leading warranty and protection coverage and an unrivaled national network of parts and service providers.
  • Enhanced occupant comfort and building health. Higher energy efficiency. And a leading national network. All that and the performance and reliability you expect from Trane.

Why use Horizon Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)?

Higher indoor air quality  Improve indoor air quality by properly conditioning and filtering the outdoor air required to ventilate a building.
Lower overall HVAC energy use Efficiently condition outdoor air and reduce the load on local HVAC equipment.
Smaller local HVAC equipment When Horizon Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems deliver outdoor air that’s either at a cooler temperature or at a lower dew point than room-neutral air, the local cooling equipment — such as fan coils, water-source heat pumps, VRF terminals, etc. — can be smaller.
Effective humidity control  Optimized for efficient humidity control, which improves occupant comfort.
A variety of HVAC solutions Easily integrated with a wide variety of other HVAC systems — or used in a standalone application, such as a kitchen.


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