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Our Commitment to Sustainability

A high school in Chicago. A candy manufacturing plant in Poland. A financial services headquarters in St. Paul. A bank data center in Italy. Initially, these buildings seem to have little in common, as disparate in function as they are in geography. But each represents a successful Trane solution to the demand for greater sustainabile businesses.

Trane understands that the demand for sustainable business practices and environments has grown dramatically. Customers have come to expect that the companies with whom they do business remain aggressively committed to sustainability, not only as a gesture of responsible environmental stewardship but also as an articulation of their forward-thinking, future-focused approach to business. Trane helps organizations achieve not only the building mission, but also their goals for greater energy efficiency – now and for generations to come.


Administrators from Chicago’s Ridgewood High School expect lighting and infrastructure upgrades recently completed by Trane to reduce energy costs by 18 percent while significantly reducing noise levels from Chicago O’Hare International Airport, located 6 miles from the campus. The energy-saving infrastructure upgrades and lighting improvements also reflect the district’s commitment to sustainabile business practices. Read more...


The five-story headquarters of COUNTRY Financial, located in suburban St. Paul, Minn., received a systems overhaul from Trane, reducing energy costs and increasing energy and operational efficiency. Leaders of the financial services and products company expect the upgrades to save more than 8 percent in annual energy costs.   Read more...


Global confectioner giant Ferrero has set the industry gold standard at its Belsk, Poland, manufacturing plant by collaborating with Trane to adopt environmentally responsible, energy efficient systems. Recent energy savings improvements at eight plant buildings, designed to meet a global corporate commitment to sustainability, are part of the Ferrero journey to attain a high performance building outcome.

The efficient solutions implemented by Trane at the Belsk plant make sound environmental and fiscal sense while demonstrating Ferrero’s global commitment to energy and operational efficiency and sustainability. Read more...


Intesa Sanpaolo, one of the top banks in the Euro Zone, collaborated with Trane to upgrade the infrastructure at its data center in Parma, Italy, thereby increasing energy and operational efficiency. These energy-saving improvements provide reliable, efficient and capable cooling critical to the data center environment. The upgrades meet sustainability standards and are part of the Intesa Sanpaolo commitment to environmental stewardship – as well as its journey to reach a high performance building outcome in its mission-critical data centers. Read more...