Sustainability at Ferrero

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Global confectioner giant Ferrero has set the industry gold standard at its Belsk, Poland, manufacturing plant by collaborating with Trane to adopt environmentally responsible, energy efficient systems. Recent energy savings improvements at eight plant buildings, designed to meet a global corporate commitment to sustainability, are part of the Ferrero journey to attain a high performance building outcome.

The efficient solutions implemented by Trane at the Belsk plant make sound environmental and fiscal sense while demonstrating Ferrero’s global commitment to energy and operational efficiency and sustainability.

The Belsk plant improvements were undertaken to meet European sustainability goals established by the company’s leaders. Ferrero leaders plan to meet the following energy and sustainability goals:

  • Derive 30 percent of energy use from renewable sources
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 40 percent and water consumption by 20 percent
  • Use cogeneration plants or renewable resources to generate 100 percent of electrical power

Ferrero Polska incorporated the company’s global sustainability goals as part of a new construction effort undertaken in cooperation with Trane beginning in 2001. Since then, Ferrero Polska has completed more than 20 projects within eight main buildings aimed at creating sustainable, energy- and operationally efficient and comfortable environments.  

All HVAC systems at the plant are fully integrated with the Trane building automation and control system, allowing Ferrero to simultaneously optimize each unit for the highest comfort, productivity and operational and energy efficiency levels.