GSA Commercial Supplier Agreement

Terms and Conditions of Sale

All quotes, and resulting awards, under Trane GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contracts are subject to Trane’s Commercial Supplier Agreement Terms and Conditions of Sale. To determine the appropriate Terms and Conditions please choose the applicable scope of work that corresponds with the quote that was issued. In the event the scope of work is not clearly identified, or a combination of multiple scopes of work exist, please use Trane’s Installation Terms and Conditions.

Equipment Terms & Conditions – Current Version 1-26.130-4 (0720)
For the purchase of equipment on an uninstalled basis by Trane (no installation or services included).

Installation Terms & Conditions – Current Version 1-26.251-10 (0720)
For the purchase of equipment installed by Trane and/or other installation services.

Service Terms & Conditions – Current Version 1-26.130-7 (0720)
For the purchase of maintenance or repair services provide by Trane.

Rental Terms & Conditions – Current Version 1.50.01 (0720)
For the rental of equipment provided by Trane.

Parts Supply Terms & Conditions - Current Version (051616)
For the purchase of parts provided by Trane.


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