Commercial Real Estate

Municipal Square

Built in 1972, Municipal Square is a five-story, 100,000 square foot commercial office building located in West Orange, New Jersey. The building’s prime location, near transportation routes, Newark Liberty Airport and the courthouse, makes it a desirable location for approximately thirty-five tenants including law firms, architects, accountants, a bank and cafeteria. Municipal Square is managed by Municipal Square Associates, a real estate company principally owned by Drill Construction Company, which is also located in the building. A third-generation, family-operated firm, Drill Construction Company prides itself on making client and tenant satisfaction a top priority.

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Cushman & Wakefield/Polaris Parkway

Building automation and energy management solutions help reduce annual energy usage by more than 225,500 kWh, greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent, and comfort complaints by 30 percent. Upgrades result in $20,000 annual energy savings and service cost avoidance of $35,000.

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Crosstown Concourse

Collaborative effort delivers effective HVAC, controls, and energy management solutions to increase asset potential; helps realize $250,000+ in capital first cost savings and reduced life cycle costs of $1.3 million+; assists vertical urban village in becoming catalyst for growth.

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Lougheed Town Centre

Founded in 2005, Shape Properties, a visionary real estate investment and development company based in Vancouver, BC, has become one of the most active fully integrated developers in Western Canada. With a vision of creating vibrant urban lifestyle destinations, Shape Properties dramatically transforms the interaction between living, shopping, dining and entertainment. Driven by the philosophy of creating a dramatically different offering, along with their commitment and passion for client satisfaction, Shape Properties is elevating standards in the commercial real estate sector. The company is currently in the process of developing Lougheed Town Centre, a popular regional shopping center.

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Katy Medical Plaza

The new Katy Medical Plaza sits on more than eight acres of land in a fast growing area just west of Houston. When finished, the three-building complex will provide 150,000 square feet of Class A medical office space for some of the area’s best-known and respected physicians. The first building, already completed, includes LEED features, such as a grass roof to help reduce heat load and cool the building inside; a cistern to collect rain water; a bicycle rack for tenant use; water retention capabilities for irrigation and building facilities; traction elevators to reduce electricity use; thick insulated walls for a tight building envelope; and high performance glass to regulate natural light.

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