The cost of building ownership is on the rise, and operators are in search of solutions to a complex balance of operational needs. TIS addresses these issues by leading the way into a new era of building systems management. By integrating the data delivered through advanced technology with the knowledge and insight of our technical specialists and exclusive software analytics, Trane is able to truly activate building intelligence to achieve your organizational mission.

While TIS is an evolving, advanced technology-driven approach, the process is simple and effective. Building controls send around-the-clock data to the Trane Intelligent Services Center. Our exclusive software analytics and knowledgeable technical specialists filter imperative information and cut through data noise and create change. They send alert notifications the moment they detect a need, so that action is taken to prevent downtime, discomfort and inefficient operations.

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Service Offerings

Discover the benefits of Alarm Notification

Alarm Notification
Receive real-time alerts for optimal performance.

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Discover the benefits of Active Monitoring

Active Monitoring

Benefit from immediate diagnostics and responsive action capabilities.

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Discover the possibilities of Building Performance

Building Performance
Increase productivity and profitability to meet your business mission.

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