Monitoring Solutions

Solutions and Tools for Visibility into Indoor Air Quality Management

As people consider how and when to safely return to buildings, addressing indoor air quality and overall wellness has become a priority. With the business viability of so many buildings at stake, taking steps to optimize indoor air quality, maintaining, and sharing achievements is more important than ever.

Optimize Indoor Air Quality with Data and Visibility into Building Conditions

Having informed, scientific data about a building’s indoor air quality allows for meaningful corrective measures. When integrated into the Building Automation System, those corrections could be made automatically, perfectly balancing the IAQ needs with efficiency gains.


Energy Savings
Healthier Environment for All Occupants
Reduced Deferred Maintenance Backlog
Reduced Operations and Maintenance Spend
Data Analytics for Continuous Commissioning
Building Support Core Mission

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Monitoring technologies provide building owners with insight and improved IAQ manageability as well as documented proof to help meet requirements for building certification programs like International WELL Building Institute™ (IBWI). All while giving building occupants greater peace of mind.