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HVAC Equipment Upgrades

IntelliPak Upgrades

Longer Life. Improved Reliability. Less Disruption.

Trane engineers and builds IntelliPak® rooftop units to last. Tranes's IntelliPak Upgradge services help ensure the longest, most reliable, and most efficient performance possible from every IntelliPak rooftop unit.

No one knows your IntelliPak unit better than Trane, or how to keep it running longer, more reliably, and more efficiently. The IntelliPak Refresh service is a factory-warrantied solution that proactively replaces high-use and heavy-wear components to extend the useful life of your unit, improve performance, restore efficiency, and prevent costly downtime.

Trane IntelliPak Refresh

Trane's IntelliPak Refresh service program is a factory-warrantied solution to replace worn materials and restore unit performance. This program is offered for Trane IntelliPak style rooftop units built before 2005. The program provides the following value:

  • Longer Unit Life
  • Increased Unit Reliability
  • More Efficient Performance
  • Less Building Disruption

This program is exclusive to Trane® service, backed by a one year parts warranty with extended warranty options available. The refresh program is designed for owners who wish to sustain their equipment’s reliability and efficiency for years to come.

This program is customizable, allowing you to choose from a simple base refresh to a comprehensive overhaul of unit compressors, heat exchangers, motors, and even an option to convert refrigerant from R-22 to R-407C.

The base refresh generally takes technicians less than a day to install and is usually combined with other scheduled service.

Contact your local sales office today to learn more about how you can maximize your unit’s full potential.

Is it time to replace your rooftop unit? Here are some replacement options to consider.

Contact your local Trane specialist for more information on upgrading your IntelliPak.

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Need to rent a unit during your upgrade?

From portable chillers to cooling towers to generator rental – we have just the Commercial HVAC Equipment you need.

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