Rebuilt Motor Upgrades and Replacements

Rebuilt Motors Upgrades and Replacements

For more than 55 years, Trane chiller customers have expected the best in chiller quality.

They also expect the same from our Trane CenTraVac® chiller service motors. In response, we continually test and improve our Trane remanufactured CenTraVac chiller motors to make them the best.

It starts with superior materials

It’s clear that motor materials have a profound effect on reliability and performance. Trane exhaustively tests motor materials to help assure the reliability we expect. As an example, Trane has done over 22,000 tests to identify appropriate materials for wire insulation, terminal board insulation, motor varnish, gaskets and “O” rings. These tests include chemical analysis, destructive analysis, and accelerated life cycle analysis. Also, Trane is the first to use “glass served” wire in remanufactured CenTraVac chiller motors. This makes Trane motors far more resistant to wire abrasion and damage when compared to motors having film-coated wire insulation.

Trane has been remanufacturing CenTraVac motors since 1967. Our materials, testing, and research separates Trane remanufactured motors from the rest.

Trane chiller motors are assembled with quality

Trane takes aggressive steps to ensure the quality of its remanufactured CenTraVac chiller motors. Before assembly, motor components are reconditioned and/or inspected by Trane to assure they conform to Trane standards.

Further, Trane uses new OEM components including terminal board, bearings, gaskets, seals, hoses and fasteners. Then, assembled motors are run-tested. Each motor is measured for lubrication flow, vibration levels, quietness and motor shaft runout. These steps allow remanufactured CenTraVac motors to provide comparable performance, life and efficiency to new Trane CenTraVac motors.

The Trane policy is continuous product improvement

Trane and its OEM CenTraVac motor supplier Reliance Electric, continually look for ways to improve our Trane chiller motors. Our efforts have resulted in superior materials, assembly standards, and reliability. The improvements have been significant. All Trane low voltage CenTraVac motors pass a 5,000 volt surge test. This is due to our superior wire and manufacturing techniques. Motors that pass 5,000 volt tests have significantly fewer failures than motors tested to 2,000 volts.

Also, Trane uses cutting edge technology to test its remanufactured motors. The automated winding analyzer detects motor magnetic faults that would previously go undetected. For Trane, quality improvement is a continuous process.