Engineered Conversion Refrigerant Upgrades

Engineered Conversion Refrigerant Upgrades

A Trane chiller retrofit provides a lot more than just parts. Trane uses the same performance modeling and optimization techniques for Engineered Conversions as it uses in designing new chillers. That enables us to re-engineer your chiller to optimize it for your specific operating conditions, often improving its performance at the same time.

A Trane Engineered Conversion assures the same material reliability as that found in new CenTraVac™ chillers. A chiller retrofit can help you address your high performance building issues by providing you with improved operation. For example, depending on your chiller model and its condition, a Trane Engineered Conversion may provide more than your present capacity. If you previously had excess chiller capacity, it can improve your chiller's efficiency by up to 10%. In applications where indoor air quality is a concern, a Trane chiller retrofit can be optimized to produce significantly lower chilled water temperature. This allows an increase in the outside ventilation rate of the building resulting in improved air quality.

When we retrofit, we use materials that are tested to Trane new chiller standards. As part of the process, we use our engineering records to identify and provide replacements for all parts that are incompatible with the new refrigerant. Because we designed and built your Trane chiller, we have the capability to re-engineer it to perform as well (perhaps even better) after its retrofit.

All Trane Engineered Conversion retrofits include a new Trane nameplate that records chiller performance parameters and all changed materials. This information is key for future Trane technical and parts support for the chiller.

Trane's support can last the life of your chiller. It's amazing how much time and trouble that
can save.