Energy Savings Performance Contracting

Improved Energy  Savings. Guaranteed.

Pay for building upgrades now using future energy savings, backed by a Trane guarantee

Designing energy efficiency into a new building is easy. It can be much more challenging – not to mention costly – to transform an older facility with outdated equipment and a leaky envelope into a more sustainable and energy efficient building. Let’s face it, that’s the situation most are faced with today. That’s where Trane can help you do it and guaranteed future energy savings can pay for it.

We’ll upgrade your facility with the latest energy efficiency and demand reduction technology to reduce energy costs and put your operations on a more sustainable path. All designed, installed and guaranteed by Trane with an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC).

Trane performance contracts are already delivering more than $1 billion in guaranteed savings to customers, including schools, hospitals and commercial operations. We are a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)-qualified Energy Services Company (ESCO), accredited by the National Association of Energy Services Companies (NAESCO) and the Canadian Federal Buildings Initiative.

Guaranteed future energy savings

An ESPC is a proven funding tool to pay for needed improvements to make older buildings more energy efficient. The cost of all the upgrades is paid using future energy savings over the term of the contract, savings that are guaranteed by Trane, as the energy services company. That means no initial capital outlay for you.

Trane Energy Supply Management

A collaborative tool to unlock your building’s potential

Working together with you, we will develop a comprehensive energy plan to optimize your building that meets your objectives. We’ll consider everything from more energy efficient HVAC systems, lighting, boilers, roofing and windows to improved energy purchasing strategies, use of renewable energy, energy storage options and reduced consumption. All designed to optimize your facility with budget-neutral improvements.

In today’s complicated energy landscape, Trane can help you actively manage your energy use and navigate the challenges of evolving technology, grid constraints and price volatility.

Customer Stories

  • Laughlin Memorial Hospital

    Laughlin Memorial Hospital’s infrastructure was in need of upgrade. Its lighting fixtures were aging and its HVAC equipment, installed over the years by a variety of different vendors, had become inefficient and less reliable, resulting in high utility costs and comfort issues.

  • Dighton Unified School District 482

    Challenged by roof leaks, windows with broken hardware, an inefficient steam boiler, aging ventilators and air handling units that were past their expected life, Dighton Unified School District (USD) 482 was experiencing equipment failures and the frequent need for emergency repairs.

  • City of Lynnwood Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase II

    Having successfully completed a variety of energy conservation measures (ECMs) designed to improve plant processes and efficiency, including the installation of a new screw press, the City of Lynnwood outlined key objectives for Phase II upgrades of its Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).

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