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Cooperative and Group Purchasing

Looking for a simpler approach? Consider joining a purchasing group or co-op to increase your buying power.

A great option for government, public, non-profit and health care organizations

Cooperative purchasing combines the purchasing volume of multiple companies and organizations to obtain better pricing for every member of the group. It takes the guesswork out of wondering whether you’re getting the best price for a project upgrade and streamlines your purchasing process because you work with pre-negotiated contracts that already meet your competitive bid requirements.

Trane meets the rigorous standards set by co-op and group purchasing organizations and the federal government

As you would expect, cooperative and group purchasing organizations set high standards for equipment manufacturers and service providers. Providers must pass rigorous evaluation, benchmarking analysis and third-party audits to be awarded a contract.

Trane is a member of the nation’s leading cooperative and group purchasing organizations that serve government, public, non-profit and health care organizations. These include the OMNIA Partners®, Government Purchasing Alliance, HealthTrust®, Premier and Vizient® purchasing groups. We are also a U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedule Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contracts holder to provide comprehensive installation, maintenance, equipment modernization and energy savings performance contracts.

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