Central Plant and District Cooling

Make a confident step to achieve bigger goals.

Facilitating a district cooling project requires exceptional skillsets. We’re highly qualified.

A growing number of businesses, organization and municipalities are undertaking central plant and district cooling projects. Large scale plants serving multiple buildings can be designed for greater cost and energy efficiencies. For some, the appeal is greater grid autonomy in an increasingly uncertain world. For others, we’re building systems that reduce energy intensity and environmental footprint.

Trane Energy Contracting

Experience Matters

For projects this complex, experience matters. Trane has been designing, constructing, maintaining and optimizing central plants around the world for decades. Our solutions range from traditional chilled water plants to cogeneration systems (producing electricity and heating/cooling from the same source) to small-scale plants producing electricity, gas, heating and cooling. Trane chillers are found in some of the world’s largest district cooling applications.

Approaching sustainability with distributed energy resources or off-site renewables

Take advantage of our full portfolio of distributed energy resources (DER) and energy storage solutions to help boost your sustainability efforts, optimize load management and reduce operating costs. We can also work with you to create a holistic renewable energy plan to maximize the impact of renewable procurement

We build for current needs and future ambiguities

Your central plant project must consider today’s need and tomorrow’s uncertainties. Our highly experienced professionals can help by developing a system that matches your requirements for load flexibility, economy of scale and operational streamlining, while building in redundancy and scalability for whatever tomorrow brings.

Customer Stories

  • Pueblo County Courthouse

    Challenged by an aging infrastructure, inefficiencies and high maintenance costs, county commissioners moved to restore the historical Pueblo County Courthouse to its original beauty, while improving energy management.

  • DoubleTree By Hilton Hotel-Market Center

    As a result of aging, unreliable chillers, comfort complaints were on the rise at the DoubleTree by Hilton® Hotel Dallas–Market Center. Inefficient chiller operation was also resulting in high energy and repair costs, having a detrimental effect on customer satisfaction and the establishment’s bottom line.

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