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Turning energy visualization into action


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Gain more savings and operational improvement with Trane Energy Optics

An Energy Assessment using Trane Energy Optics can help you gain even greater efficiency. Energy Optics transforms data generated by building meters and submeters into a detailed, three-dimensional visual chart to provide for an easy-to-understand profile of your building’s energy consumption.

You’ll see which parts of the building are consuming more energy, when and how usage patterns differ across the enterprise. The opportunities for improvement become more obvious so you can make faster and more-informed decisions with confidence.

Seeing is believing. Visual snapshot identifies root causes of inefficiency and guides roadmap for improvement

The Trane Energy Optics tool transforms data generated by multiple meters and submeters to help you visualize your building’s energy consumption. With that data as a baseline, Trane experts analyze the sources of inefficiency and build an improvement plan that addresses the key drivers and follows your timeline and budget requirements.

Measure, manage and optimize your systems

Using algorithms based on decades of industry experience, Trane Energy Optics puts your building’s data to work. You can measure energy use across your entire enterprise and down to an individual submeter.

Energy Optics measures key parameters that you can act on. For example, it gauges energy consumption against weather and time-of-use, so you can identify excessive energy use during non-occupancy hours and make appropriate adjustments. It also measures energy use by kilowatt hours on days with similar temperatures to show how well optimized your system is overall, and how demand levels change over the course of the day.

When Trane’s advanced energy assessment tools and expertise are applied, energy inefficiencies become business opportunities for your enterprise.

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