Building Performance

Thorough system and building analysis with data-driven analytics


Trane Intelligent Services - Uncover the Opportunities

Prioritized recommendations to unlock your building’s potential

It’s hard to pick a path forward until you know where you are today. So the first step to improving building performance is conducting an in-depth analysis of how your systems are currently performing.

Data-driven insights from energy experts

Trane experts, including energy engineers, conduct a system-wide assessment of your building to get a comprehensive view of its operational performance. We’ll find the inefficiencies, identify improvement opportunities and optimize systems to reduce equipment downtime. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using Trane equipment or controls. We can help you optimize any HVAC or building system.

We’ll help you prioritize the work to get the best value for your investment

We know that your resources are limited. That’s why we focus on the most impactful improvement opportunities so you can reap the greatest energy and cost benefit. We’ll prioritize our recommendations so you can make the best use of your limited resources.

Continuous improvement recommendations help keep your building systems optimal

But we don’t stop with one-time improvements. Through ongoing analysis and tracking of system performance, Trane provides proactive, data-driven insights to help you keep your building systems running at peak efficiency.

Stop wasting money on sub-par building performance. Let Trane experts unleash your building’s potential for energy savings, reduced operating costs and improved reliability.

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