Active Energy Management

Take control of your energy consumption.

Partner with Trane to reduce energy costs, increase sustainability with active energy management

Energy is a significant operating expense for companies. But it’s no longer simply a static cost to be borne. Renewable and distributed energy sources, demand management, load flexibility, energy storage, the wholesale energy market all give companies unprecedented choice and opportunity in how to meet their energy needs.

Trane can you help you make sense of it all to develop and implement an integrated Active Energy Management program that can lower your energy costs, build sustainability into your enterprise and reduce your dependence on the electrical grid.

Demand response programs with utilities

Reduce your electrical costs by helping your local utility meet peak energy demand on the hottest days of the year. In exchange for temporarily reducing your energy consumption you can get rate breaks and other energy efficiency benefits. We’ll partner with you to implement the program and design a load-shed strategy that fits your business needs while maintaining occupant comfort and operational requirements.

Demand management to manage cost and consumption

Software-driven energy load management and predictive analytics tools from Trane can help you go further by forecasting, planning and managing your energy consumption to avoid higher electricity prices.

Load flexibility to diversify energy sources

Adapt your energy buying to a dynamic energy market in real-time with software-based load management and predictive analytics tools from Trane to help you lower energy costs and reduce energy price volatility.

Energy storage for extra power -- on-site

Trane energy storage systems – such as ice or chilled water storage, batteries and industrial process and flow management solutions – offer you cost savings load flexibility to help you meet your energy and sustainability goals while reducing pressure on an increasingly stressed electrical grid.

Electricity market participation to optimize your energy buy

Are you buying and consuming power as cost effectively as you’d like? The fact is that energy markets are complex and volatile. Trane can help. Our energy professionals monitor the energy market all day, every day. We’ll help you negotiate the best possible pricing and terms for your energy purchase, and plan for the future as well.