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Connect Trane® / Mitsubishi Electric CITY MULTI® Products to Trane Air Handlers

LEV Kit accessories enable greater customization and optimization for Trane® / Mitsubishi Electric CITY MULTI® VRF system designs. By integrating Trane air handlers, they can reach optimal levels of performance and more effectively support the space needs.



  • tc-icon-air-flow-outline-blue-100.png

    Reach higher VRF airflows

  • tc-icon-improve-efficiency-outline-blue-100.png

    Achieve higher VRF static pressure

  • tc-icon-rental-systems-outline-blue-100.png

    Leverage greater VRF customization options

  • tc-icon-active-monitoring-outline-blue-100.png

    Implement more specific VRF DOAS configurations

  • tc-icon-intelligent-services-outline-blue-100.png

    Combine multiple LEV kits with an air handling unit for even larger capacity requirements.

  • tc-icon-heat-pump-2-outline-blue-100.png

    Use alone to control room temperature or with a Horizon® Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) for discharged temperature control

  • tc-icon-3rd-party-hvac-outline-blue-100.png

    Install an air handling unit as far as 541 actual feet (623 equivalent feet) from a condensing unit

Product Information

How LEV Kits work

The LEV kit is an interface to connect Trane® / Mitsubishi Electric CITY MULTI® outdoor units to air handlers produced by other manufacturers. These air handlers can be used with or without indoor VRF units.

Each LEV kit requires three components that Trane can help optimally bring together:


LEV Control Box

LEV-Kit Rated for Heat Pump Coil

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