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Trane® / Mitsubishi Electric


Trane® / Mitsubishi Electric HVRF, the world’s only two-pipe Hybrid Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system that exchanges heat between refrigerant and water using our unique Hybrid Branch Controller (HBC), which can reduce the use of refrigerant on the outdoor side and keep the piping in the indoor space refrigerant-free.

This cutting-edge system combines VRF zoned comfort with hydronic chiller system advantages. The result is a new, all-electric heat pump that can heat and cool simultaneously, making it ideal for zoned comfort and sustainability. 



Advantages That Create Better Buildings and Businesses

  • All-Electric Heat Pump

    This 100% electric heat pump with heat recovery uses energy more efficiently, making it better for buildings and the planet.

  • Reduced Refrigerant

    By introducing interior water lines, HVRF reduces the amount of refrigerant in the overall system by up to 30% compared to conventional VRF. Fewer refrigerant lines (and less refrigerant) make compliance easier with current and future regulations.

  • IEQ-Minded

    Simultaneous heating and cooling maximize individual comfort, while the utilization of water helps limit noise.

  • Simplified Installation

    Interior water lines use multilayer composite pipe (MLP) which costs less than copper and requires no brazing to connect joints.


How HVRF Is Configured

Trane offers all necessary accessories and cost-effective local support to achieve a fully packaged solution. 

Outdoor Units (N-Generation CITY MULTI®)

Heating and cooling begin with a new or existing N-Generation CITY MULTI® R2-Series VRF with hydronic chiller capabilities.

VRF Controls

The Tracer® SC+ building automation system (BAS) simplifies command and empowers comfort and efficiency control.

Indoor Units

All indoor unit models provide optimized comfort, quiet operation and easy maintenance, with both ducted and ductless options available depending on your logistics and goals. 

Horizon® Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS)

The Horizon® DOAS Enhances ventilation and humidity management. Our family of dedicated outdoor air systems provides a range of units to meet your performance and budget goals.

Hybrid Branch Controller (HBC)

The HBC exchanges heat between refrigerant and water via 8/16 ports that can connect up to 50 indoor units, enabling simultaneous heating and cooling.

Refrigerant and Water Pipes

Two refrigerant pipes connect outdoor units to the Branch Circuit Controller, while two water pipes connect indoor units to the Branch Circuit Controller.

VRF Training

Industry-leading, country-wide programs specifically for engineers and contractors


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