Intellipak® Modular Series


Intellipak® Modular Series

20 - 35 Tons

Key Features:

  • Water-cooled from 20-35 tons
  • Reliable, energy efficient and quiet operation
  • Ideal for renovation/retrofit applications
  • Split modules for easier transport and faster installation
  • Incorporates digital controls with human interface panel
  • Designed-in features for easier maintenance    

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Trane efficiency and performance - from the leader in self-contained systems

Renovation and retrofit projects have their challenges, but ensuring energy efficient and reliable heating and cooling isn’t one of them. Trane’s Intellipak Modular Series of self-contained systems are ideally suited for the task. In capacities from 20 - 35 tons, Modular Series units are feature-packed, including:

  • Reliable, quiet, efficient operation with Trane 3-D® Scroll compressors
  • Waterside or airside economizer for “free cooling”
  • Energy saving variable frequency drive
  • Optional waterside valve package for enhanced system efficiency

Modular means easy—to transport and set up

Modular means easy—to transport and set up

Getting commercial-industrial equipment into existing structures can be difficult. Modular designs make it easy.  Modular Series systems can be “split apart” --  separating the fan/coil section from the compressor section – and easily assembled in the mechanical room:

  • Components fit through standard 35-inch doorways and into freight elevators
  • Removable filter, economizer and heating coil sections for added flexibility
  • Compressor section can be shipped separately from the fan/coil section for field installation. 

Simple to operate with standard digital controls and human interface panel

All Modular Series systems include factory-installed and commissioned digital controls, and a human interface panel as standard equipment to help ensure optimum system efficiency. The interface panel serves as the central resource for system operation and maintenance, to:

  • Easily set or adjust setpoints and schedules
  • See all system parameters
  • Monitor all system diagnostics, such as sensor failure, supply airflow loss, inoperative refrigerant circuit
  • Choose English, Spanish or French interface

Designed-in features make service straightforward

Regular service is key to optimizing any HVAC system, and Trane makes it easy with the Modular Series, including features such as:

  • Hinged and removable control panel door for easy access
  • Two-bolt connection on cleanable condenser
  • Sight glasses with ports for viewing unit while running
  • 2-inch flat filter box inside unit casing


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