2 - 5 Tons

Key Features:

  • Reliable packaged rooftop unit efficiency for small commercial buildings
  • 14 - 16 SEER energy efficiency depending on configuration
  • Multiple options for cooling, heating, fuel type and circuit
  • Sleek design, Trane quality, easy to install and service

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Comfort and economy in packaged heating and cooling units for light commercial applications

There’s no need to sacrifice building comfort for a lower energy bill.

Trane energy efficient Impack units offer both – in an appealing design. They’re also energy efficient, with ratings up to 16 SEER depending on type of unit. Connect to Trane thermostats and air distribution ducts for maximum efficiency and comfort.    

Multiple options in heating only, cooling only, fuel source

Choose from many 1-phase and 3-phase packaged options, including cooling only, heat pump, dual fuel and gas-electric units.  All can be mounted on a roof or adjacent to the foundation:

13.4 SEER2 Options

(4*CC4 Models)

  • Cooling Packaged Convertible 2 - 5 Ton
  • Heat Pump Packaged Convertible 2 -5 Ton
  • Gas/Electric Packaged Convertible 2 - 5 Ton

15 SEER2 Options

(4*CZ5 Models)

  • Heat Pump Packaged Convertible 2 -5 Ton
  • Dual Fuel Packaged Convertible 2 - 5 Ton
  • Gas/Electric Packaged Convertible 2 - 5 Ton

Reliable performance from the industry leader in comfort

2 - 5 Tons

Unmatched cooling and heating efficiency along with Trane quality mean years of reliable performance for an Impack.

Designed for easy installation and service – and curb appeal

The sleek look of Impack incorporates design features that simplify service, such as easy-access panels and high-quality, durable components. 


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