Blower Coil
Air Handlers

The Trane blower coil air handler provides a low cost method of cooling and/or heating buildings for a variety of applications. These compact, low profile air solutions can fit in small spaces and are floor or ceiling mounted and, with a minimum of effort, they can be relocated within the building as needs change. The air solutions are typically used in schools, hospitals, offices, stores, and similar applications.

Several available configuration options, including simple or complex controls, coil options and piping packages, make this an affordable system solution. Units are available in seven nominal capacities ranging from 1.0 to 7.5 tons cooling and 400 to 3,000 cfm airflow. The basic unit is available in horizontal (model BCHD) as well as a vertical (model BCVD) configuration.

When you buy a Trane blower coil air handler, we ship the air solutions from the factory as a total package. Included in the package are factory-mounted coils, filters, controls, motors, drives, and duct collars. Optionally we can also provide factory mounted and tested electric heat, end devices and controls. These factory installed items help you manage costs by reducing jobsite labor and installation time. Durable construction and convenient access make these air solutions easy to service.

For Technical Specifications, please refer to the Catalog or Installation documents on the Literature tab.