Tracer Summit™ 101

Course Description

Summit 101 is an installation course intended for BAS personnel and Applied Systems Contractors who will be responsible for engineering, installing and commissioning Tracer Summit projects. Skills taught in the installation workshops are intended for those who will install Tracer Summit hardward and configure applications. Topics include:

  • Site configuration
  • BCU installation
  • Ethernet LANs
  • BACnet®/IP LANs
  • BCU comm links
  • Interfacing LonTalk®
  • Generic LonTalk® Devices (GLDs)
  • Point configuration
  • Alarm and message routing
  • Graphics
  • Time of Day schedules
  • Introduction to the area application
  • Introduction to Comm4 Variable Air Systems (VAS) application
  • LonTalk VAS
  • Site backup and restore

Target Audience

Tracer Summit 101 is intended for Trane technicians and Applied Systems Contractors.


This is an operations-level class. Students must have an operating-level understanding of PCs and the Windows operating system.

Student Testimonials

  • "As someone who does not work for Trane and had very little knowledge about the course I was able to learn the Tracer Summit system and walk away with the knowledge and confidence to operate my system."
  • "I found it to be very helpful and useful in reaffirming the things that I already knew and helpful in teaching [me] things I didn’t know."
  • "Great job covering a lot of material in a short amount of time; effectively communicated to students with all levels of technical backgrounds- I feel I now have a basic understanding of Summit."

Continuing Education Units

Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive a certificate of achievement and earn 3.5 CEUs according to criteria set by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (Washington, DC). To successfully complete this course, the student is required to attend all class sessions, complete the workshops and quizzes throughout the course, and turn in an evaluation.