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Trane Engineer's Toolbox

Trane Engineer's Toolbox

Trane Engineer's Toolbox

Engineering Toolbox provides nine calculation tools to simplify HVAC design and service tasks. The latest version of the Engineering Toolbox is an intuitive redesign that provides a consolidated input and output view, an advanced report generation method for comparing multiple datasets and additional refrigerant and fluid types


  • Design and service tasks made easy
  • Compares multiple items simultaneously
  • Easy to read input and output view


Software Support Lifecycle

Beginning in 2023, new extended renewal subscription options will be available for the TRACE 700 family of products and Trane Design Tools. Learn more about your software End of Service and Support options.

Nine Calculation Tools to Simplify HVAC and Design and Service Tasks:

Helps determine the required amount of capacitance for power factor correction.

Allows selection of sizes of the interconnecting piping in a refrigerant system including suction line, discharge line and liquid line for a given system.

Calculates all properties of moist or dry air at normal HVAC conditions using one state point.

Calculates all properties of moist or dry air at normal HVAC conditions using two state points.

Calculates physical properties for eight common HVAC fluids.

This electronic version simplifies the manual process of sizing ductwork based on Friction Losses by Darcy and Colebrook Equation.

Calculates physical properties for several common HVAC refrigerants.

Calculates adjusted fan properties by applying either the 1st or 4th fan law on a set of initial and adjusted conditions.

Facilitates quick, accurate conversion between almost every possible HVAC unit of measure from one system to another.


Trial Download

  • Trial version

    Release Date: 05/27/20 Size: 215 MB

Full Version

  • Release Date: 05/27/20 Size: 215 MB

  • Release Date: 05/27/20 Size: 215 MB