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TRACE 700 is currently being phased out.

TRACE® 700 is Trane’s legacy platform for the current version of the award-winning TRACE® 3D Plus design and analysis software tool that helps engineering professionals optimize their building design and operation though simulation.

TRane Air Conditioning Economics, better known as TRACE®, has been a leading tool for building simulation for nearly 50 years. TRACE 700 has become the industry standard for HVAC system design as well as energy and economic analysis over the past 20 plus years.  The TRACE 700 family of products are in the process of being sunset as customers migrate to the updated technology platform TRACE 3D Plus.

Click here to learn more about TRACE 3D Plus software solutions and upgrade to the latest platform.

Phase Out Process and Supporting Documentation

TRACE 700 customers should plan on transitioning to the TRACE 3D Plus platform as soon as possible to make use of the latest visualization technologies and to utilize the Department of Energy developed EnergyPlus simulation engine. 

For Frequently Asked Questions that help define specific TRACE 700 transition plans and phaseout dates, visit Phase Out FAQs.

For a detailed comparison of TRACE 700 and TRACE 3D Plus, visit the Answers page on the C.D.S. Customer Help site.

Additional supporting documentation and downloads for the legacy TRACE 700 platform can be found below under the Downloads section.

Software Support Lifecycle

Beginning in 2023, new extended renewal subscription options will be available for the TRACE 700 family of products and Trane Design Tools. Learn more about your software End of Service and Support options.


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