TRACE® 3D Plus Load Design

TRACE® 3D Plus Load Design

TRACE® 3D Plus Load Design

TRACE® 3D Plus Load Design is the next evolution of the globally used and trusted TRACE® 700 Load Design software. This 3D design platform makes accurately sizing your HVAC systems faster and easier at any desired level of fidelity. We've taken our 50 years of HVAC systems design and software simulation knowledge and combined it with the U.S. Department of Energy's state-of-the-art EnergyPlus® simulation engine. The result is a platform that makes right sizing HVAC systems intuitive and visually dynamic with an easy to understand workflow that's less error prone. Try the new TRACE 3D Plus platform today and get accurate sizing results in a fraction of the time.

The NEW! Version 4 software update is here!

Our latest TRACE® 3D Plus Version 4 updates address industry regulation, sustainability and building modeling complexities with a spectrum of new features designed to make this complex process easier to understand, faster to create, and less error prone.

Visit the Download section below to begin the Load Design V4 update, including:

New! Undo/Redo capabilities
in the building drawing canvas, saving significant time correcting complex building creation mistakes

Improved! Library filtering, viewing and selection options
for better model creation efficiency and reduced chance for input errors


OR, upgrade to the Full Version to take advantage of the following enhancements!

New! Enhanced standards guide
includes fully integrated documentation with updated codes and standards, making it even easier for customers to walk step-by-step through the baseline creation process

New! Automated fan calculations and library updates
utilize ASHRAE® 90.1-2016, demonstrating adherence to performance ratings and code compliance

Updated! Cloud-driven data sweep analytics capabilities
help users understand models faster and at a deeper level, visually and dynamically analyze the complex relationships between model input parameters and key performance metrics and turn massive amounts of model data into useful knowledge

Generate Design Models Quickly with Full Building Templates

Enjoy the same intuitive ease and intelligent defaults that made TRACE 700 so popular while the schematically configurable system/plant layout and control provides a deeper level of customization to match real world design. 

Save even more time on every project with the extended library and template architecture to include dozens of full building templates that make getting quick and highly accurate results for most commercial building types 30 to 40% faster than its predecessor. 

Optimize Design Time with Expanded Asset Library

The thousands of built-in libraries and templates were created by researching hundreds of industry standards, studies completed by national labs or other trusted industry resources. The 3D building elements are infused throughout the interface with the full breadth of the libraries and templates for an unparalleled design experience that can be visually verified.

And the best part is that all load design models are completely scalable and seamless should the need arise for an upgrade to the full energy or economic analysis platform!

Push your Designs Beyond the Industry Standard

TRACE 3D Plus does more than just spit out ASHRAE Heat Balance toolbox load calculations. TRACE integrates Trane’s vast industry experience and considers worst case design of every component in the building model to give the modeler the ultimate control of all design considerations or factors of safety.  

Whether modeling today’s sophisticated radiant designs, complex VRF configurations, or high performance VAV systems, TRACE 3D Plus will help guide the designer through the process. 

Lean on World Class Support Teams

TRACE 3D Plus is sold as a Software as a Service (SaaS) package with annual license renewals. The world-class support that you have come to rely on is now more robust and offers even more ways to interact, including a searchable online knowledge database and in-depth online training. As always, it is backed by a team of support engineers to help you migrate to this new software program.

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Trial Download

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