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As building owners and operators are challenged with lowering energy bills and reducing consumption, leveraging the right technology is key. Electronically commutated motors (ECMs) are one energy saving technology that can significantly lower energy costs in terminal HVAC units.

ECMs can provide a much higher efficiency than traditional permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors.  Combining the higher motor efficiency of ECMs with variable fan speed and a single zone variable air volume (VAV) control system to address partial load conditions can provide an energy savings of up to 66 percent. In addition, the sealed bearings and completely enclosed construction of the ECM allow for an extended motor life and lower maintenance costs over the life of the system.

Recognizing the many benefits of electronically commutated motors on terminal technology, Trane is the only manufacturer in the industry to offer EC motors as standard. You’ll find them on all UniTrane™ fan coils, blower coils and unit ventilators.

What technology is right for you? To help you make an informed purchasing decision, use the convenient Motorlator tool to estimate your operating savings using terminal technology with EC motors vs similar technology with permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors.

“This information is provided for informational porpuses only.  Calculated power consumption  is based on Trane test data for equipment running at user specified operating conditions and electrical rate”