Getting Started with Chiller Plant Analyzer


Learn how to set up and run a chiller plant analyzer file to evaluate four different alternatives.

This video explains the methodology used in Chiller Plant Analyzer to easily simulate various chiller plants. We will step through an example chiller plant scenario and model four alternatives to evaluate which offers the lowest life cycle cost.

PLEASE NOTE: Chiller Plant Analyzer comes with the full version of TRACE 700. To download a trial version of CPA please download the full trial version of TRACE 700 from the Trane Software Download Center.

After viewing you'll be able to:

  • Understand how Chiller Plant Analyzer (CPA) simulates different chiller plants
  • Quickly simulate up to four different chiller configurations
  • Evaluate life cycle cost of each alternative
  • Analyze output reports
  • Find additional resources to help with Chiller Plant Analyzer

Download handout (PDF).

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