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Trane Connect

This is the login for Trane® Connect™ and other Trane® commercial applications. Trane® Connect™ is our secure, cloud-based customer portal to access your building systems to remotely monitor and manage building systems, and conduct routine maintenance.

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Mobile Systems for Controls

Trane controls at the tip of your fingers.


Are you wanting the ability to control your Trane® systems right at the tip of your fingers? Then our mobile solutions are the right fit for you. Our wide portfolio of options are compatible for your specific need from the Pivot® App to Tracer® Ensemble® Mobile and more. Easily navigate your controls systems conveniently from your mobile devices, making you more productive when on the go. This intuitive solution is built around the way you work, completely enhancing your experience with our products. Also, you can enjoy worry-free access from your devices as these solutions feature Trane Connect™ Remote Access. So, whether you’re a building owner, operator, manager, occupant, technician, or consulting engineer, you can experience our products with a simple tap. 

Applications for Building Owners and Managers

Applications for Contractors and Technicians

Applications for Building Occupants

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Pivot® App

The Trane® Pivot® Mobile App lets you manage your Pivot® Smart Thermostats.

The Simplicity and Convenience let you manage your company’s space on the go:

  • Monitor and manage multiple systems and buildings from your app
  • Schedule and Setpoint changes can be made to multiple systems at the same time
  • Groups systems together for viewing and editing
  • View Status and edit settings of your thermostat
  • View thermostat runtime and Events

This solutions is available on your smart phone or tablet. 


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BAS Operator App

Check your building’s HVAC system to see the status, make adjustments, respond to hot/cold calls quickly and get more done in your day.

The Tracer® BAS Operator works with the Trane® building automation system controller: Tracer® SC+ version 3.6 and higher. The BAS Operator is fully integrated with Tracer SC+, just log in to view your building!

The Trane® BAS Operator Features:

Manage Alarms

  • See the active and historic alarms in your system, their severity and what generated the alarms
  • Acknowledge new alarms and add comments for others to see
  • Keep the alarm log tidy with the delete alarm functionality

View Status

  • See what’s happening in spaces, with equipment and entire systems
  • Built-in graphics for easy to read status, at a glance, including animations.

Take Action

  • Respond to hot/cold calls by adjusting setpoints, overriding equipment and occupancy.

This solution is available on your smart phone or tablet.


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Ensemble® Mobile

Trane empowers you to achieve the business outcomes you want with the help of our new Tracer® Ensemble® building management system.

The Ensemble® system includes these features:

  •  A web-enabled building and enterprise management system
  • A solution for both Trane® and non-Trane systems
  • Long-term data collection and analysis
  • A remote enterprise view of your entire organization 

The Ensemble® system enhances building automation through numerous functions: 

  • A productivity tool for daily operation and troubleshooting
  • An energy-management solution for monitoring and asset comparison
  • A validation tool for meeting compliance and reporting requirements
  • A tenant solution that can increase both tenant retention and revenue

The Ensemble® system helps organizations deal with these situations:

  • More buildings than maintenance staff
  • Diverse systems and equipment vintages
  • Significant distances between facilities
  • Multiple systems and unique user interfaces
  • Limited access to system data

This solution is available on your smart phone, tablet, or PC.


Symbio® Service and Installation App

The Symbio® Service and Installation App has all that you need to start up and service a Trane® Symbio® 700 controller without a PC or other software service tool.

The app connects a Symbio® 700 controller using Bluetooth BLE or Trane Connect™ Secure Remote Access when available.

Using the app, you can:

  • View the equipment status, alarms, and diagnostics
  • Configure the controller to match the installed equipment options
  • View and edit setpoints and other operational parameters
  • Configure the controller to communicate to a BAS or Trane Connect™ for remote access
  • Back up and restore controllers and update firmware from a USB drive

This solution is available for your smart phone or tablet.


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Trane® Design Assist™ Mobile

Trane® Design Assist™ is available to both external customers and Trane® Account Managers for use in delivering Building Automation Control designs and documentation.

This intuitive online tool gives all users the power to create HVAC flow diagrams, sequence of operations, guide specifications and points lists of varying complexity. Users can design and export content on their own for use in plans and specifications or through collaboration using the share feature.

This solution is available on your tablet or PC.

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BAS Occupant App

Monitor and respond to your building occupant’s needs with the BAS Occupant App by adjusting temperatures, adjusting schedules, and viewing critical alerts that require immediate service.

This solution is available on your smart phone or tablet.


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